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Minahasa Highland - Tondano Lake


From Manado we will ride  across big palm plantation to south-west, up to the highland. Small and nice villages along the street, rice fields are changing with clove, coconut and vanilla plantation.


Allover you will see the people working and they have nothing against it to be photographed. Lunch will be taken in a traditional restaurant.


As appetizer we will eat corn, afterwards rice and vegetables together with small sticks of meat and chicken.

You can also choose the specialty of the Minahasa Menu, very delicious is the meat of the dog, forest rat and bat, together with palm wine.


After lunch we will see the Tondano Lake and over there you have also the possibility to watch the fishermen and make photos.

Before we go back to Manado, you will have a wonderful view allover Manado bay with the Island of Bunaken, Siladen and Manado Tua.


Manado City

Fish Auctions & Main Market

Minahasa - Tondano

Mt. Mahawu Trekking

Tangkoko National Park


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